• 2021年10月11日
  • 亚历克斯·潘菲尔德


As a small business owner, the line between personal and professional can be hazy. 毕竟, part of being an entrepreneur is committing yourself wholly to your business goals — physical space, time, 钱和更多. 然而, 当涉及到金融方面的事情时, it’s smart to try to keep personal and business finances as independent as possible. 合并财务似乎更容易, 特别是在短期内, but mixing the two can create major fiscal headaches come tax time and can have an adverse effect on your budgeting, 底线, 和业务增长.


Keeping personal and small business finances independent of one another requires up-front planning and strategy, 但这项任务并不一定是令人生畏的. 即使是对财政不那么倾向的小企业主, this separation can be achieved by putting in place a few key policies and sticking to them. Don’t panic if your finances are currently combined — it’s never too late to start separating to help create better business habits. Check out the tips below for simple ways to help keep your professional finances separate and your personal sanity intact.


One of the simplest ways to create a sense of separation between your personal and small business finances is to designate distinct checking accounts for each entity. This will make the delineation between the two immediately easier to see and will give you a better picture for budgeting and tax purposes. 


Get two separate credit cards — one for business and one for personal — and use them strictly for the corresponding expenses. This will make your life easier when it comes time to pay off each and allows you to see exactly how much you are spending in each silo.


When budgeting for both your personal and professional life, 你需要知道你能挣多少钱. Designate the salary you will receive each month and write a check from your business account to your personal account for that amount. Try to stick to the same salary each month — this will keep things consistent and give you a clear sense of how to budget across both of your worlds.   


Receipts are one of the most important aspects to tracking when tax time rolls around. Create a system you’re comfortable with — either hard copy or digital — that keeps your expense receipts separate and organized.


在今天的家庭工作世界, it can be especially difficult to keep separation between your personal and professional life. 如果你在家经营你的小生意, 试着创造一个物理空间, 然而小, 这是专门为您的业务实体. This can help keep important paperwork organized and business-specific tech such as phone lines separate from your personal space.


Delineate exactly who and what is deemed a business expense. Lunch with a potential client should be categorized as a business expense, while takeout dinner for the family after a long day will most likely fall into the personal category. Communicate your intentions with everyone who will be touching the business — employees, family members and friends — to avoid any confusion or awkwardness that may arise.

在财务方面, keeping your personal and business worlds independent is key to helping you stay organized, 在正轨上,为成功做好准备. 作为一个忙碌的小企业主, it can be tempting to combine your expenses and just “settle up” at the end of the month, but taking the extra time to maintain a strong sense of church and state between your accounts will pay dividends for your business (and your personal sanity!)最后.